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About Amelia

Natural, spontaneous photographs: my passion and my strength


I’ve always been passionate about photography, ever since fumbling around a decrepit darkroom at school
and watching the magic of an image appearing in a blank page in the developing tray. I developed my skills
doing courses and working in the photolibrary industry. I began giving photographs as presents to friends
who were getting married or having kids. I found I had a talent for capturing people at their most natural
and relaxed (or so my friends tell me!). I gradually built up my business and here I am today.


My aim is to be as unobtrusive as possible and let you and your family or wedding guests take centre stage. My photos will show you as you are, in the setting you have chosen. If that means hanging around in the pouring rain while your children make mud pies, then that’s fine. A wedding reception inside a stately home – or in a field – is just as fine.


I like to capture life and people as they are. If rolling around in a pile of leaves or doing monkey impressions (which, according to my godchildren, I’m very good at) is what it takes, then no problem. Likewise, if your bridesmaids suddenly spring a surprise on you, I will be there to catch the laughs.


I’ll come to your chosen venue – whether it’s home or away, inside or out. I’ll stay as long as it takes (or as long as you can spare) to get the right shots. I‘m as happy blending into the background while you are made to look fantastic for your big day as I am talking about Peppa Pig while the children settle for a family portrait. Whatever makes your life easier to get the images you want.

Fantastic and affordable

The way I work and what I offer aim to make great photographs affordable for you without losing out on quality. My set fee includes the shoot, the post-production and copies of all the images, so you don’t need to worry about costs mounting.

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